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Top 6 Best Weed-Infused Drinks


You’ve heard of cannabis edibles, but have you ever had a weed-infused drink? Stash away your weed brownies, and your cannabutter – because our list of the best weed-infused drinks will quench any cannabis-related thirst. Whether you want your alcohol to get you drunk and high, or have a relaxing time with a nice cup of hot tea, we have you covered.

Marijuana can be infused with any type of beverage, but we’ve handpicked a list of 8 drinks that you should try specifically. It might be because the cannabis brings out the flavor, or because it sets the scene for a relaxing high. If you’re looking for a list of the best weed edibles, you won’t find it here—but we do have a post you can read for that.

Also, what type of party would it be if you didn’t stock drinks that have something a little extra? Weed-infused drinks are so popular, they even have their own term now! Canna-beverages. Genius right? Since the legalization of weed in Thailand, you can even find eateries and cafés serving beverages containing cannabis. If you need any help finding one, check out our list of dispensaries in Bangkok! Whether you’re a resident or here for a fun trip—you’re sure to find what you want there.

It’s been shown that many people prefer cannabis edibles and beverages over other methods, like smoking. This is because it won’t damage your lungs, and it’s also easier to consume! In this list, we’ll cover the best weed-infused drinks that you could make at home, or find at your local cannabis-friendly café!

Cannabis Coffee!


Cannabis coffee (canna-coffee anyone?) is one of the easiest, and best weed-infused drinks out there. Who doesn’t love a morning coffee? Now you can have it with a side of relaxing marijuana! You can just add weed to your usual coffee order, and you can get creative too! Why stop at just normal coffee? Add it to a mocha, or latte.

Making weed-infused coffee isn’t as simple as just throwing in your buds, but it is still pretty straightforward. There are also various methods to do add weed to the drink. Some ways enhance the flavor, also have the weed act as a sweetener, or just add the effect of getting high!

If you want to also have a sweeter-tasting coffee, you can make cannabis syrup and add it in whilst you stir up your morning cup. The most effortless way to create weed-infused coffee, however, is just by adding in drops from a cannabis tincture. It’s easy to buy a tincture, and it’s often also the method for medicinal marijuana use. You can also make your own tincture from your own weed, which is great if you want a particular strain.

Tinctures blend into the coffee the best, and smoothest. Keep in mind, though, tinctures are alcohol-based. You’ll be adding coffee AND alcohol to your morning shot.

Weed Smoothies


Nothing beats an ice-cold smoothie on a Summer day, or as a refreshing breakfast… Except, maybe, weed smoothies! You can add cannabis to your morning ritual smoothie easily, or whenever you blend one up. I personally have smoothies all hours of the day (and night), so no judgement here if you want a midnight canna-smoothie.

There are a few ways you can create a weed-infused smoothie at home. If you have any cannabis sugar on hand, just throw that in with the rest of the ingredients in the blender! If you can’t source cannabis sugar anywhere, you can make it at home, but the process can get complicated. There are plenty of guides online that can run you through it.

If you don’t mind your fruit-and-vegetable smoothie having a drop of alcohol in it—you could use cannabis tincture, too. Did you know weed-infused milk was a thing? You could add that to your smoothie!

Cannabis milk is much easier to make than marijuana-based sugar. Most forms of weed—milk, sugar, juice ice cubes, or even infused in honey—just add that to your smoothie and your good to go! This also works with any type of smoothie, doesn’t matter if you love it with berries or without. Just follow your favorite smoothie recipe, then add your weed to the blender too. Just a reminder, whilst you can add raw cannabis buds and leaves to a smoothie, you won’t get the high effect. Make sure it is in another form, like in a tincture.


Pot Tea


Looking for a healthier high? Creating pot tea—or also known as weed-infused tea, or cannabis tea, is a great alternative to smoking. Depending on the type of tea you make—it can also provide other benefits, too. For example, if you blended cannabis into your green tea, not only are you getting antioxidants, you’re also getting the potential health benefits from the weed, and a nice, relaxing high!

Like with the smoothie and coffee, there is no one or “right” way to make a cannabis tea. However, there is a wrong way. Making weed-infused tea isn’t as easy as pouring water over the leaves and buds to let it steep. Raw cannabis buds won’t dissolve with just hot water alone, so you won’t get the full effects. 

If you want to go all out, you could grind down your favorite herbs and spices along with decarboxylate cannabis and put it in a tea bag for steeping. You’ll get to enjoy the highs and benefits of CBD/THC (depending on your weed strain), and the nice flavor/aroma of the herbs and spices you choose.

The above method can be quite time-consuming. If you want a faster process to add some weed to your tea, here are a few options: Instead of normal sugar, you could add some cannabis sugar instead! Not only will it add the effects of weed, but it’ll sweeten the tea right up.

Who doesn’t love tea and honey? With weed-infused honey, you could be having tea, honey, and weed. If you don’t have any cannabis honey on hand, it is super simple to create and there are plenty of guides floating around. Just like cannabis coffee, you could even just add in a few drops from a tincture, or even throw in some of your cannabutter.

Stem Tea


We might have already covered weed tea earlier, but tea brewed using the stems from cannabis is so resourceful and creative—it deserves its own listing. Before you throw away any stems, give brewing a tea with it a shot!

Whilst the stems might be useless when it comes to smoking, you can actually use them to create a cannabis-infused tea! It’s up to you if you want to grind the stems, cut them up, or use them whole—just make sure to decarboxylate the stems. This way, you’ll get the activated effects of CBD or THC.

Once you’ve finished the decarboxylation process, just add the stems to a tea bag or teaball infuser, so you can steep them. You can also put in other herbs and spices to add more flavor—get creative! 

Weed-Infused Vodka


This is hands-down the best weed-infused drink if you want to get drunk fast, and high even faster! There are a few ways to do this, some easier than others—depending on the way you blend the cannabis into the vodka, it can also change the potency of the weed, taste, and effects.

With more people looking to alternatives to smoking marijuana, edibles and beverages are getting increasingly popular. Vodka is great for a nice buzz, and now you can also get high with it! You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of THC and CBD whilst also downing glasses of alcohol.

Whilst we’re covering weed-infused vodka specifically here, the same methods can be used to add it to any other alcohol beverage of your liking! Whether it be cocktails to cider and even soju! Don’t be afraid to mix it up (literally) and add cannabis to all your favorites.

The quickest way would just be to mix in a cannabis tincture to your drink. The other way would be to decarboxylate your cannabis, by drying it out. This is a pretty simple procedure, and is what activates the THC/CBD effects in your weed. It is a must if you want to experience the psychoactive effects! Place your cannabis in a tray or oven safe dish with a lid (or foil), and put it in a pre-heated oven for 35 minutes, then leave it to cool down. All you need to do is then either grind or cut the decarboxylated cannabis, and put it in your vodka—or other drink of choice!

Marijuana Milkshake


If you have cannabis milk, it opens up a whole new world when it comes to edibles—and most importantly, weed-infused beverages. You can use the milk to make so many drinks weed-infused, from teas to coffees and even smoothies. However, let’s talk about milkshakes. Marijuana milkshakes.

What makes milk (and milkshakes) particularly amazing for cannabis beverages, is because it binds well with THC. If you’re making your own cannabis milk, this is why we recommend using whole milk. If you’re calorie-conscious or want a vegan alternative—we recommend using almond milk. Skim milk isn’t nearly as effective for binding with THC.

To create weed-infused milk, start by pouring milk into a saucepan set to medium heat. You’ll want to heat the milk until it starts to simmer – from here, turn it down. Then you’ll also want to prep the weed.

This is done by grinding up your weed as fine as you can—the smaller, the better. This allows for more cannabinoids to be extracted, so it’ll be more effective. When the milk is ready, and you’re done with grinding, slowly pour in the marijuana and stir.

Once all the ground up weed is in the milk, change the stove to low heat, and stir occasionally for about the next hour or so. After this, leave the saucepan and cannabis milk to cool down. Once it’s cold, you’ll want to put the cannabis milk through a strainer to take out any weed bits, and then store it in your fridge!

Now that you have cannabis milk, you’re ready to take on the wide weed world, and make your marijuana milkshake. The process is uncomplicated – just go about making your favorite milkshake recipe, and replace your usual milk with the cannabis-mixed one. Milkshakes have never tasted better!


As covered a few times in this article, the simplest method to create a canna-beverage is by adding the weed in via liquid/tincture. It is super easy, and you can control how much cannabis is in the drink by adding in more (or less) drops.

Another, more fun way to add cannabis to a drink is by creating weed syrup! Not only will you get the effects of marijuana, it can also be a good way to add some flavor, and sweeten up a chosen beverage. 

Keep in mind, that cannabis varies depending on the strain, and this extends to weed-infused drinks, too. Effects can be different depending on the strain, CBD, and THC levels. Experiment and see what works best for you!

We recommend going with strains that you already enjoy in other forms, and adding those to your drinks. Also, keep in mind—if you’re using canna-beverages as a form of medication, consult your doctor first.

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