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Chao Krom Poe Dispensary Pharmacy is located at 229, 231 ถนน จักรวรรดิ Chakkrawat, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand

Chao Krompe Pharmacy It is a Thai herbal pharmacy. It was established around the year 1896 until the present. Since the reign of King Rama 5, the founder of this shop was named “Mr. Pe Suwantemei”, after which his family continued to operate. Currently, the last living grandson of Chao Krom Pee is Prof. Dr. Khunying Salad Thapwong, who is in charge of the business.

Chao Krom Poe pharmacy has more than 750 types of Thai herbs, which are herbs derived from plants, animals and minerals
. If there is a disease that the shop has a textbook for that disease The shop will provide the drug that is the recipe of the shop. which you can order medicines via the Website
2. Have a prescription to buy medicines at the store

Makro has most of everything in bulk bags and bulk prices. For a more local experience you should go to Chao Krom Poe Dispensary Pharmacy. But this is not a place to browse or window shop. You’d need to know exactly what you want and how much you want, and you should probably bring someone fluent in Thai.

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