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The 8 Best Sativa Weed Strains For Socializing

Have a party coming up? Or maybe just a little get together with friends around the bonfire? Weed can be a great way to get the socializing going, and remove any anxieties that you have. Particularly, sativa weed strains for socializing are popular. With marijuana recently being legalized/decriminalized in Thailand, it’s opening a whole new world! This article will be focusing mainly on sativa and sativa-dominant hybrid weed strains.

If you’re looking for weed strains to help you kick back and relax with friends, our indica strain list is a great read! For those unaware, there are two types of weed strains (three if you include hybrids between the two). There is the sativa strain—which we’ll be covering in this post, and the indica strain. The sativa strain is popular for its energizing effects, making it popular for use at parties and gatherings!

Keep in mind, these are just the general reported effects of these strains! Weed can still hit different from person to person. Not all of these will be available in Thailand, or may cost more as they’re an “exotic” strain. Need any help sourcing weed? Check out our list of the best dispensaries around Bangkok! 



This sativa strain lives up to its namesake. It embodies the same, energetic spirit that the holiday island escape offers! The Hawaiian sativa strain is well-known for its properties that provide happy, and creative thoughts! Also, done are the days of foul-smelling weed. This strain gives off an aroma that is very reminiscent of tropical fruits. 

It’s the perfect choice if you need a pick-me-up before a party, or some creative energy to get social with and keep up conversation! It’s also said that it can help with pain and muscle spasms. 

Super Lemon Haze


Super Lemon Haze, also sometimes known simply as “SLH”, is a hybrid weed strain that is sativa-dominant. Super Lemon Haze is so popular, it’s actually worn awards (twice!) at the Green House Seeds competition. 

This strain is a multi-colored wonder, and perfect for anyone looking to feel more social for an event or party. Don’t be fooled by the name, it isn’t a disgusting, BO lemon-like taste. It’s a nice, uplifting, citrus—with a hint of sweetness. On top of that, the effects are incredible. It gives you a pleasant energetic kick, and adds some lively pep to your step. It’s perfect for any party situation, and livening up the mood of everyone around. 



Not to be confused with the famous Australian rock band, this hybrid strain is perfect for any party goers. It’s actually a (more or less) perfectly balanced strain, providing both—the lovely effects of indica and sativa.

The ACDC weed strain is perfect for getting you revitalized, and providing an extra kick of energy. Just like its namesake, it’ll have you ready to rock and roll! Best of all, this strain doesn’t provide any of the psychoactive effects. You’ll get the focus and happy uplifting effects without any potential downsides.

Wedding Cake


This is easily one of the best weed strains for relaxing. It is a sativa-indica hybrid which balances the best of both worlds to provide uplifting effects and mouth-watering flavor. If you’re someone that cares for both, amazing taste and a good energetic kick—this should be the go-to party weed for you.

The Wedding Cake weed strain leaves a nice hint of vanilla aftertaste, alleviates pain for some, and provides a great energy boost. If you need a good pick-me-up before a party, or just something to get in a nice, social mood, Wedding Cake is perfect. It’s also great for providing calming and relaxing effects—so it’s great for taking the edge off before seeing friends or meeting new people.


Cabbage Patch


The Cabbage Patch weed strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid, and perfect to get you ready for any social situation. This is a hybrid born from the Cherry Pie and the next-mentioned Durban Poison. It combines the best of both strains, to create a nice, sweet and earthy flavor that packs a nice hint of fruity.

Along with delivering great, uplifting plus energetic effects, it’s also perfect for creatives! It’s amazing for getting your brain going, and it can also help with relaxing muscle pains. It can help with anxiety, so if you’re stressed about meeting new people, Cabbage Patch is a nice, fruity way to dispel the feeling.

Durban Poison


The South African port city of Durban struck gold and worldwide success with Durban Poison. This sativa weed strain is as pure as it gets, and famous for its sweet aroma and energy-boosting effects. If you’re not one to dabble with indica, or have previously had bad experiences with indica—Durban Poison is perfect.

Durban Poison is 100% sativa, and will help boost your productivity. This also makes it the perfect strain of weed for parties, as it’ll wake you up and get you ready to mingle. It can also be great if you need a boost to your creative juices, or need to stay focused.

Blue Dream


This sativa-dominant hybrid is more than just a Blue Dream (pun intended). It’ll get your party and social skills dream-level, and has a low CBD percentage that makes it perfect for even weed newcomers. On top of that, Blue Dream is an incredibly cheap weed strain, especially compared to other exotic choices.

The best part? If you’re looking to party, Blue Dream provides a quick kick of energy, a feeling of uplifting, and it’ll get your creative side flowing. It has few down effects, but for some it may cause a dry mouth or dry eyes. It’s also sweet on the lips, with a nice, berry-like taste.


Despite the daunting name—Trainwreck, when it comes to social situations; it will leave you anything but a trainwreck. It’s the perfect weed strain for socializing. It’ll hit you with a strong sense of euphoria, which will get you in the mood for any social event: parties, gatherings, and events. 

It gets the name Trainwreck, because it hits like a train. This weed strain is extremely potent, and at times—mind-bending. Most users report a high sense of creativity, and pure bliss. It packs a punch full of happiness, and best of all? It tastes good too. It has a sweet lemon mixed in with a spicy pine smell. For people who suffer from anxiety, or even ADHD or stress-related disorders, it can help with that, too. It can help lessen symptoms, and prepare you for social events. Due to its potency, it’s mostly recommended for more experienced weed users. Trainwreck is a sativa strain that was bred by mixing Mexican and Thai (yay Thailand!) with Afghani indicas. 

As with any strain of weed, or drug in general – what works for someone else might not for you. We also aren’t professionals – if you’re seeking help with finding a cannabis strain to alleviate pain, or even aid with mental health, talk to a doctor! Medicinal marijuana is now legal in Thailand, and health professionals are happy to help you find one that works.

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