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The Best Weed Edibles To Try

Who doesn’t love smoking a good joint, or even rubbing in some cannabis oil? But have you tried… Food infused with marijuana? We’ve created a list of the best weed edibles for you to try out! From the instantly recognizable brownies to even weed pizza or popcorn—we have you covered.

You can get real creative and put weed in pretty much anything! As long as you’ve got an oil or something similar, just put in a few drops of it in. If you’re not feeling too confident about cooking or baking these edibles yourself, they’re also usually available in dispensaries! We’ve got a list of dispensaries you can check out here.

The dispensaries in that list are all located around Bangkok. Some of them even serve up cannabis-infused drinks! If you’re curious about the different ways you can take cannabis (aside from edibles), you can read all about that here. When consuming a weed edible, keep in mind the amount of cannabis you’re taking. Eat it slowly, so you can monitor the effects—you don’t want to get stoned out of your mind by devouring multiple brownies! Take one first, then see how you feel.


Who doesn’t love brownies? They are delicious! Especially when baked with weed… It is a staple and belongs on every best weed edibles to try list. Best of all, brownies are extremely easy to bake! You can pick up everything you need from your local supermarket, or even buy a brownie mix if you don’t want to make it from scratch.

 The easiest way to make cannabis brownies is to just add in cannabis butter (best known as “cannabutter”) to the recipe whilst you’re baking. It isn’t hard to make weed butter. You don’t need to be some master chef or connoisseur. 

All you need to do is to create some decarboxylated cannabis, some water, butter (of course), and a metal strainer. Melt the butter in a pan with some water, add in the cannabis, and then mix it with a wooden spoon. Let it sit for a few hours, and make sure it isn’t burning! Afterwards, strain it and put it in the fridge – voilà! Cannabutter.


So, you’ve heard about the Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain? Now it’s time for it to live up to its name—you should make actual weed cookies! They’re incredibly easy to make, and the mix of the chocolate and crumbling cookie pieces? It is mouth watering to say the least… It also doubles up as a way to satisfy your munchies cravings!

All you need to do is start baking your cookies following whatever recipe you usually go with—and then either: use cannabutter instead, or even cannabis oil, or even weed sugar! Also, why stop there? You can do this with any sort of cookie, it doesn’t need to be just for chocolate chip. Cookies are one of the best weed edibles because you can get really artistic with it!

The cookie batter/dough is the perfect blank canvas to create a masterpiece, cannabis-infused food. Maybe throw in M&Ms, or even add in candy bits! If you’re unsure how to create cannabutter, we’ve listed the basic steps above. You can probably also buy them, or use an alternative like cannabis sugar or concentrate.


Candy and cannabis – name a more iconic duo! It almost rhymes. Cannabis gummy bears – or just gummies in general or extremely popular, and one of the easiest ways to consume weed. They’re also pretty fast acting, usually taking about 30-60 minutes to kick in.

 CBD Gummies are even popular with use for medicinal reasons. It may help relieve anxiety, pain, or help with depression symptoms – however, always consult a doctor before you use it for those! CBD Gummies are one of the easiest to buy, with plenty of different brands and types available.

On top of that, CBD Gummies are also super easy to make! There are even kits to help available online. Weed was recently legalized in Thailand, and you can find plenty of shops online or dispensaries to buy gummies from. The real cherry (or should we say gummies?) on top is that they’re tasty and colorful! This is why gummies are one of top weed edibles, and they’re also longer lasting than say brownies or cookies. They won’t spoil after a few days.


Whoever thought of combining confectionary and cannabis deserves every good thing to come their way. It is ridiculously easy to make, which is what gives it deserving of the title of one of the best weed edibles to try! The whole process takes around 40 minutes, with only around 10-15 minutes preparation time.


All you need to do is melt down your chocolate until it’s completely liquified—thick and velvety. Now, all you need to do is add in your ground-up cannabis, mix it in well, and pour it into the molds! After that, make sure to remove any air bubbles and chuck it in your fridge until it is back to being a solid. Time to get high, and enjoy your favorite sweet! Killing two birds with one stone (weed). Of course, there are other ways to create cannabis chocolate, but this is the fastest method.


Peanut Butter


It doesn’t matter the topping – whether you’re a huge fan of meat lovers, supreme, or vegetarian, you can add some cannabis to your pizza for some extra kick and high! It’s also a great way to kick-start your jump into the munchies. This is easily one of the best weed edible options if you want savory.

Just think about it. The melted cheese, the salt, the mix of flavors all combined with cannabis! Sounds pretty incredible, right? Well, the icing on top of the cake (or topping on top of the pizza in this scenario) is that it is pretty easy to create, too. The two basic ways to cook up a weed-infused pizza is by adding cannabis oil to the dough, or just drizzling some form of cannabis on top of an already-made pizza!

With that being said, you don’t want to demolish the whole pizza (like you might usually do)… Remember to eat the weed-infused pizza in slices – literally. Take it slowly, so you can monitor your high. The best part about pizza edibles, is that you can mix it up! You can go with literally any topping, or if you’re feeling in the mood for sweets—go for a dessert pizza!

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a must-have for any kitchen, and is pretty much a staple for cooking most things. It can add flavor, but did you know—it can also be used to add cannabis to your food? The process depends on what recipe you’re following, but you can easily find the steps to create weed-infused olive oil online.

This will help to make (especially savory) weed edibles easier. The basic process is as follows: get a few grams of cannabis flower, a few tablespoons of distilled water and a cup of olive oil. You’ll want to grind the cannabis buds, place it in a vacuum-sealable bag with the water.

Using a vacuum sealer, you’ll seal the bag completely—and drop it into a saucepan filled with heated up water. You’ll want to decarb the cannabis. After doing this for around 30 minutes, you’ll want to transfer the bag to a bowl of ice water and let it cool. Afterwards, you’ll want to use a sieve to strain out and reserve the cannabis. You’ll use the freshly-strained cannabis, throwing it in a saucepan with the cup of olive oil. 

You’ll let the olive oil and cannabis combination gently simmer for about 20 minutes, and then let it steep for 30 minutes more. This weed-olive oil combination will last for about 30 days—just make sure to keep it refrigerated! Depending on the cannabis strain you use, this can affect the taste, strength, and high the weed-olive oil provides. This is just one basic way to create cannabis-infused olive oil. There are plenty of other recipes or methods you could follow! 


Ever try cannabis-infused soup? It makes for one of the best weed edibles if you want savory. On top of that, it is perfect for the Winter time! Nothing is more hearty than a warm, filling soup on a cold day, that also packs a punch with a nice, tingling high!

You can add weed to any soup, all you need is some cannabutter. We’ve covered cannabutter in an earlier listing, and the simple process it takes to create one. It’s pretty easy. Just add a tablespoon or few of cannabutter to whatever soup you’re cooking, or even store bought! If you want, you could even add cannabis-infused olive oil, too or as an alternative.


Hot Sauce

Want to add some more spice to your food? And we mean that in the traditional chili way, and a nice, high buzz. It’s possible to buy cannabis-infused hot sauce online, or check in with one of the dispensaries we have listed on our website. If you have a favorite hot sauce, however, you could easily add some cannabis to it!

Huge fan of Sriracha? There are recipes galore online to make it weed infused. Cannabis-infused hot sauce is a great way to add weed to any savory (or sweet if you’re feeling freaky) and save you prep time. (Who has time to bake weed cookies every night?) Just add a drizzle on top of whatever you’re eating!


Looking to host a fun movie night with friends? Want to really kick-back, relax and get high? Then cannabis-infused popcorn is the best weed edible for you! You can even make it with store-bought popcorn. All you need to do is grab some cannabutter (or even weed-infused oil) and cook or melt it over the top. Just remember to shake it around once you melt the cannabutter on the popcorn! So, you get an even distribution.

Savory vs Sweet

The age-old question: savory or sweet? Does it make a difference when it comes to finding the best weed edibles? You’d be surprised—it actually does. Whilst the answer for this will always come down to personal preference, both sides have their own benefits and disadvantages. 

For example, weed-infused sweets generally tend to last longer (shelf life) and can be taken anywhere to eat. It’s much easier to carry around cannabis gummies with you than a steak with weed-infused hot sauce. With that being said, the addition of cannabis in savory dishes can really help enhance the flavor (on top of the extra of getting high) or even soften meat. It’ll just come down to personal preference!

If you’re using cannabis for medical reasons, you should always consult with a doctor before consuming weed edibles. Also, keep in mind that not all weed edibles or cannabis-infused ingredients are made equal! It depends on the concentration of THC/CBD and the cannabis strained used to create the edible. Do some research, and use strains that you know work well for you for the edibles you’re cooking/baking.

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